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Grace, Ku
Admitted in Taiwan

National Taiwan University (LL.M.)

Areas of Expertise:
Securitization, Investment Trust and Consulting Regulations, Trust, Securities Compliance and Litigation

  • Business Law Commentary by LCS Elites (January 2012)
  • Legal Guide for ACompanies (January 2010)
  • Case Studies and Legal Affairs Analysis of Corporate Financing(2008/11,Angle publishing)
  • The Responsibility and Role of the Securities Market Gate Keeper (2007/5/25, Commercial Times)
  • Independent Directors' Duties and Shareholder's meeting (2007/5/11, Commercial Times)
  • Impact of Policy to the Capital Market (2007/4/27, Commercial Times)
  • The Legal Restriction of Chinese Investment From the Judgment of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation Cases (2007/3/30, Commercial Times)
  • The Amendment of Right in Rem Chapter of Civil Code to the Benefits of the Securitization (2007/3/16, Commercial Times)
  • Land Trust in Use-The Transfer of Beneficiary Rights (2007/1/12, Commercial Times)
  • "Land Trust In Use-The Transfer of Beneficiary Rights" (2006/12,Legal Guide for A Company)
  • Introducing the Firm-Commitment Underwriting System (2006/11,Taiwan Bar Journal)
  • Advantages of Trust Structure in Discretionary Investment Business (2005/11/28, Commercial Times)
  • Legal Status of Arranger in Securitization Cases (2005/11/14, Commercial Times)
  • Discussion of the Role of Real Estate Management Company in REITs (2005/11,Taiwan Bar Journal)
  • Case-Based Securities and Finance Act (Composition of the Part of Trust) (2005/10,Securities and Futures Institute) Credit Rating to NPL Securitization (2005/4/14, Commercial Times)
  • Management of Real Estate Management Company (2005/3/10, Commercial Times)
  • The Reform of Securities Underwriting System-The Feasibility Research of Legislation of Asset Management Business Integration (2004/10,Taiwan Bar Journal)
  • Guideline to "Securitization"-Including adoption of Securitization Legal System (2001/11,Taiwan Bar Journal)
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