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Government Procurement & Construction
LCS¡¦ infrastructure project practice is among the most experienced in representing both government and private sectors in the bidding, arbitration, litigation and mediation of large-scale infrastructure projects. Services include drafting and negotiation of bidding documents, project related arbitration, litigation and dispute mediation as well as consultation on relevant laws. Our team is especially apt at tailoring the overall project strategies to fit our clients¡¦ specific needs and situations, and is equipped with both the expertise and practical experience in BOT and other infrastructure projects. Recently, in response to the Taiwanese government¡¦s proposed ¡§I Taiwan 12 Major Infrastructure Projects¡¨ plan, LCS has formed an ¡§I-Taiwan¡¨ special project team in order to provide our clients with the highest quality and most efficient legal services.

The services provided include:
Overall strategic planning for project bidding
Evaluate risks relating to the project contracts
Project related arbitration, litigation, opposition, appeal and mediation
Advise negotiation strategies and represent clients in the contract negotiations
Draft and review contracts and other project documents including bidding documents
Provide consultation with respect to laws and regulations governing the infrastructure project
Project finance