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I. Summary
How to seek legal relief
Important things to know in drafting a contract
Sample of common legal documents
Age and criminal responsibilities
II. Civil Law
Matters need to be attended to when lend money to others
How to check for assets owned by debtor
How to handling car accident and seeking for compensation
How to handle ¡§dishonored check¡¨
Matters need to be attended to when renting a house
Rights and interests protection in ¡§mutual aid association¡¨
TV shopping and mail order
Foreclosure sale
III. Corporate Law
Convention of board of directors meeting and matters need to be attended to
Obtaining management control of company
Restrictions on shares transfer
Protection of trade secret
Enterprises M&A
Ownership of IP rights
Infringement and remedy of IP rights
Insider trading
Dismissal and severance
Work hours and holidays
Salary and pension
IV. Marriage and Family
Marriage and divorce
Regime of matrimonial property
Estate distribution
Handling domestic violence
Educating and serving as guardian to underaged minor
Birth born out of wedlock and child adoption
Successor and its entitled portion
Limited succession and waiver of succession right
V. Criminal Court
Probation and parole

Drunk driving and hit and run

Underage prostitution

Secretly video taping with hidden camera and pin hole camera
Protection of personal information
VI. Administration
Risks associated with owing tax
Police Random Inspection
State compensation law
Inheritance tax and gift tax
Noises of neighbors