About LCS

LCS & Partners ("LCS") is a leading full-service Taiwanese law firm established in 1998. Since the firm's inception, it has grown rapidly to approximately 80 professionals and gained a reputation as one of the top law firms in Taiwan.

LCS has a unique positioning among law firms in Taiwan from the perspective of offering services of transnational, advisory, litigation, regulatory and tax matters. LCS brings to the table a combination of professionals, which constitute of lawyers licensed in Taiwan and other countries, enabling us to offer services with a cross-border practice experiences and top-of-the-line expertise to our clients. As a testament of our success, LCS has consistently been ranked as a top law firm by international institutions such as Chambers, IFLR and the Legal 500.

LCS is a member of the following two global networks: World Services Group (www.worldservicesgroup.com) and ALFA International. (www.alfainternational.com). WSG is a global membership network with more than 130 member firms operating in more than 115 countries. The major regions represented in WSG are Europe, America and Asia Pacific. Members of WSG have the highest professional reputation within the professional community and having unparalleled depth of practical experience in their region. ALFA International's experienced attorneys practice in 48 US states and 65 countries worldwide. Member firms provide efficient and effective support in international transactions and litigations.
Our Practices

Our areas of expertise include mergers and acquisitions, fair trade (anti-trust law), intellectual property, high-tech representation and litigations, telecommunication industry and mass media, capital markets, cross-border investment, private equity, real estate deal, securitization projects, trust law, international economic and trade law, energy law, financial derivatives, securities, futures and commercial disputes civil and criminal litigation, restructuring bankruptcy company, engineering law, and labor law.

Our commitment is to develop and nurture long-term relationship with our clients by providing the most optimal solutions in a practical manner. Our in-depth expertise, immediate availability and the involvement of our partners has made us the firm of choice for our clients.

According to statistics published by Bloomberg, LCS tops deal amount in the field of mergers and acquisitions in Taiwan for the period between 2000 and 2005. As for 2006-2008, 2011 and 2014 as of 3Q, LCS closes most deals in the field of mergers and acquisitions among all the law firms in Taiwan.
Our Publication

Our publications include "Practical Aspects of Business and Technology Law (2015)" , "Front Line of Business Law Practice (2014)" , "Business Law Commentary by LCS Elites (Ⅱ) (2013)" , "Business Law Commentary by LCS Elites (Ⅰ) (2012)" , "Post-ECFA Finance Law - Practical Legal Guide (2011)" , "Law in Everyday Life (2010)" , "Winning the Future – Legal Guide for Companies to Create New Prospects (2010)", "Conquer the Future – Practical Aspects of the Business Laws in Financial Crisis (2009)" , "Legal Guide (Ⅳ) For A+ Companies (2008)" , "Legal Guide (Ⅲ) For A+ Companies (2006)" , "Legal Guide (Ⅱ) For A+ Companies (2006)" , "Legal Guide for Infrastructure Projects - Government Procurement and BOT (2004)" , "Legal Guide (Ⅰ) For A+Companies (2003)" , "Basic Introduction to ROC Laws (2002)" , "Laws for Hi-tech Companies (2001)", "Laws and Life (2001)" , "Law, Practice and Risk of Derivatives (2000)" , "ROC Tax Law Textbook (1999)" , "Legal Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions (1999)" and "Mergers and Acquisitions - Structures and Procedures (1999)".
Our Commitment to Social Responsibilities

We constantly provide pro bono services to specific projects and groups (including social enterprises) with social purposes. Starting from 2000, LCS has established a Legal Clinic to provide legal advices to minority groups. The firm's attorneys volunteer to participate in this program and our senior partner Margaret Huang (head of our fair trade practice) is in charge of this Clinic. Based on the inquiries the Clinic received, we published a law book called "Law in Everyday Life" on-line and off-line for general public's reference.

Since 2003, we have established the "LCS Legal Thesis Competition" to encourage independent legal research capability and legal writing ability of law school students. Since 2008, we have also established the "LCS Scholarship" for law school students with financial need. Please refer to "LCS Resources" and "LCS Activities" in our website.