Win the Future – A Legal Guidebook for Company to Create New Prospects

Author:LCS & Partners

Chapter 1: M&A and Capital Markets
  • Analysis of recent major M&A rulings
  • Practical aspects of Taiwan depositary receipt offerings
  • Legal issues for U.S. companies listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • Data rooms and the due diligence process - from the business owner's perspective

Chapter 2: Investments in Real Estate and Asset Securitization
  • Mainland China capital investing in real estate in Taiwan
  • Legal issues related to real estate development trust

Chapter 3: Practical Aspects of Corporate Management
  • Brand building and maintenance under the Trademark Act
  • Taxation case review and analysis
  • Practical issues in holding shareholders' meeting
  • Comparative study on insider trading provisions of Taiwan and the EU
  • Transnational litigation as remedy for offshore fund investors

Chapter 4: Public Construction and Arbitration
  • Looking at the Taoyuan Aerotropolis from the legal perspective