Legal Guide for A+ Companies (Ⅲ)

Author:LCS & Partners

Chapter 1: Capital Markets
  • Introduction to Euro-convertible bonds
  • Matters to be considered by a Taiwan venture capital when making investments in the U.S.
  • The 2002 ISDA master agreement: the new market standard form for derivatives transactions

Chapter 2: Trust and Asset Securitization
  • Land trust utilization - transfer of beneficial interest
  • Science park securitization feasibility - a case study on Hsinchu Science Park

Chapter 3: M&A and Non-Performing Loan
  • Developments in M&A law
  • M&A secrets - intrigues of corporate marriages
  • Obtaining IP rights through M&A
  • Possible methods and difficulties in handling non-performing loan

Chapter 4: Public Construction and Arbitration
  • Legal practices and strategies for public construction projects