Legal Guide for Infrastructure Projects - Government Procurement and BOT

Author:LCS & Partners

Chapter 1 Issues Related to BOT
  • Use of the "Negotiation Mechanism" under th Law for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects
  • Legal Aspect of Project Financing
  • Insurance Arrangements in BOT Concession Agreements
  • Dispute Resolution for BOT-Model Public Construction(I)
  • Dispute Resolutlon for BOT-Model Public Construction(II)

Chapter 2 lssues Related to Government Procurement
  • Discussion on Prescribed Time Limit for Claiming Construction Stage Payments
  • Settlement of Legal Disputes over "Omitted Items" in Infrastructure Cases
  • Government's Legal Strategy in Public Construction Arbitration

Chapter 3 Issues Related to Legal system of Logistics Services
  • Measures to be Taken by International Logistics Service Providers to Overcome Barriers in Legal Systems
  • How to Operate 4th Party Logistics in Taiwan
  • Commentary on the "Regulations Governing Customs Clearance For the Goods of Logistics Centers"

Chapter 4 lssues Related to General Strategies
  • Public Procurement and B.O.T.:Law and Strategy in Practice