Practical Aspects of Business and Technology Law

Author:LCS & Partners

Chapter 1: Practical Aspects of Biotechnology Industries
  • How biotech companies make use of equity tools to enhance their competitiveness during the biotech boom
  • Biotech company's patent litigation under the amended Patent Act and recent rulings decided by Taiwan's Intellectual Property Court
  • A review of practices and regulations on employee compensation in Taiwan – with a focus on restricted stocks

Chapter 2: Practical Aspects of Fair Trade and Competition
  • Keys to negotiate for transnational franchises
  • How to successfully apply for leniency programs under the Fair Competition Act
  • Common contract provisions under the EU Competition Law

Chapter 3: Trademark
  • "Famous trademark dilution" theory
  • Calculation of damages in actual civil patent infringement cases

Chapter 4: Asset Investment and M&A
  • Legal issues regarding real estate investments in Taiwan by foreign nationals
  • Reorganization by means of sale of business – "Kolin" case study
  • Structuring cross border asset deals

Chapter 5: Practical Aspects of Financial Litigations
  • Property transaction in vain: legal risks in fraudulent transactions
  • Analysis of illegal fund-raising activities