Business Law Commentary by LCS Elites Ⅱ

Author:LCS & Partners

Chapter 1: Cross-Strait Legal Systems
  • Cross-strait Bilateral Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement
  • Major legal issues on Taiwan listings by Mainland China companies

Chapter 2: Capital Markets and M&A
  • Controversies over the "two-step acquisition"
  • Amortization of M&A goodwill
  • FATCA's impact on financial institutions in Taiwan

Chapter 3: IP Right and Fair Trade
  • Practical issues concerning trademark licensing
  • Scent and other non-traditional trademarks
  • Introduction to leniency policy for concerted action
  • The use of endorsements and testimonials in advertisement

Chapter 4: Real Estate Transaction
  • Real estate transaction with relevant party – when is it acceptable?
  • Transfer of beneficiary rights under real estate development trust
  • Practical aspects of urban renewal trust

Chapter 5: Practical Issues in Corporate Management
  • Common legal controversies over management control takeover
  • Corporate social responsibility in industry supply chain management