Business Law Commentary by LCS Elites

Author:LCS & Partners

Chapter 1: Cross-Strait Legal Systems
  • Cross-strait harmonization of legal systems: mediation systems
  • Chinese companies and the VIE structure: key legal risks and recommendations for investors

Chapter 2: M&A, Capital Markets and Asset Securitization
  • Review of M&A cases in Taiwan since 2011
  • Issues related to government's participation in securitization
  • Feasibility for covered bond issuance in Taiwan
  • Frequently asked questions concerning establishment of offshore funds

Chapter 3: Fair Trade and IP Rights
  • How to file extraterritorial mergers in Taiwan?
  • Oligopoly and game theory
  • International patent litigation - from smartphone perspective

Chapter 4: Legal Systems on Real Estate Transactions
  • Exercising the preemptive right by unit owners
  • Analysis of taxation on joint construction and allocation projects
  • "Performance guarantee" in pre-construction real estate contracts – with focuses on payment trusts and real estate development trusts

Chapter 5: Practical Issues in Corporate Management
  • Exploring labor contract terms and related labor-management disputes
  • Case study and analysis on breach of trust under the Securities and Exchange Act
  • Analysis of criminal liability for selling offshore financial products illegally
  • Stock price manipulation - standards applied and frequently asked questions