Antitrust & Competition
The Fair Trade Act of Taiwan has been in effect since 1992. Throughout this period, the competent authority, the Fair Trade Commission has accumulated extensive case laws and interpretations in areas concerning sales price determination through monopoly, merger, consolidation, concerted action, various trade restrictions, false, misleading or competitive advertisements, multi-level marketing, enterprise' issuance of warning letters and goods' appearance infringements etc. Our Fair Trade Practice Group, led by Ms. Margaret Huang, has participated in representation of various types of cases and has extensive hands-on experience in various issues concerning the ROC Fair Trade Act (Taiwan). We also have had the opportunity to act as the lead counsel for international companies to handle their global applications for fair trade approvals.


  • Application of the consolidation approval during Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Legal analysis and recommendation concerning monopoly, merger, concerted action and various unfair competitions
  • Handle reporting (including application for a report waiver), application or disclosure procedures for concerted action, merger and multi-level marketing etc.
  • Reporting, appeal, administrative and civil litigation relevant to unfair competition
  • Answer and explanation concerning various case investigations under the Fair Trade Act
  • Application for interpretation and communication with the Fair Trade
  • Commission, Executive Yuan R.O.C. (Taiwan) concerning relevant unclear instructions of the Fair Trade Act
  • Assist multi-level marketing enterprise in formulating various rules and regulations, drafting participating agreements, and handling disputes between participants
  • Review relevant agreements to comply with the Fair Trade Act and related laws