In keeping with the global trend, insurance laws and regulations in Taiwan have undergone fundamental transformations over the past few years. The changes have all been made so that Taiwan's insurance industry can maintain the same standards as that of the international community. At LCS, we represent clients in both routine insurance transactions and complex insurance M&A. Dean Chiang, the leading counsel of our insurance practice, has fourteen years of legal practice experience and seven years of experience as an executive of a world-famous financial and insurance group for the region of China and Taiwan. In addition to his experience as an executive officer in the insurance industry, Mr. Chiang is also experienced in the fields of corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, asset management and succession planning. Armed with such expertise and experience, LCS is able to provide clients with effective and practical solutions that are tailored to their needs.


  • Mergers and acquisitions of domestic and foreign insurance companies
  • Negotiation for both domestic and foreign reinsurance agreements and claim settlements
  • Legal compliance with insurance laws and regulations
  • Draft and review insurance and reinsurance contracts
  • Litigation regarding domestic and foreign insurance claims
  • Represent insurance company in its investments and asset managements
  • Liaison with our alliance firms all over the world to handle insurance claims in foreign jurisdictions