Intellectual Property
LCS' Intellectual Property ("IP") practice includes licensing, negotiation, and consultation on IP matters as well as provisional actions and litigation regarding infringements and relevant criminal, civil and administrative litigation. LCS' attorneys are experienced in dealing with IP issues such as licensing negotiations, IP acquisitions and technical share arrangements in the context of corporate start-ups and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. LCS' clients include biotech and high-tech corporations such as integrated circuit designers, silicon chip designers, PC designers and manufacturers, electro-optics, telecommunications and software companies.

LCS acts for domestic companies in coordination with US and European attorneys in international arbitrations and lawsuits instituted in US and European courts related to patent infringement disputes. LCS also acts for local research institutes and companies in researching litigation involving major companies for patent infringement launched in the US, Japan and ITC and providing assistance with regard to possible actions in US courts, ITC, European and Taiwan courts.

LCS also helps domestic and foreign companies to handle IP disputes and litigation for damage compensation, actions for infringement of patents, trademarks and copyrights, provisional seizure, provisional disposition and perpetuation of evidence, administrative actions and disputes involving the Fair Trade Law.


  • Assisting with technology transfers, facilitating the cooperation of domestic and cross-border technology industries, strategic planning for negotiation, drafting and reviewing agreements, and dispute resolution
  • Consultation and strategic advice for domestic and foreign companies on licensing negotiation, royalty discussions, strategic planning, IP dispute resolution, inbound technology investment and tax relief for royalty
  • Preparation and negotiation of agreements related to silicon IP rights
  • Preparation of agreements for the acquisition, development, disposal, licensing or sub-licensing of IP rights and other intangible properties
  • Conducting due diligence examination and investigation of IP for transactional purposes such as venture investment, technology transfer and mergers and acquisitions
  • Analysis and preparation for actions for infringement of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and trade dress
  • Analysis and preparation for defamation and malicious falsehood cases
  • Planning and Applying for Registration of Marks 
  • Availability Search 
  • Renewal 
  • Opposition, Invalidation, Cancellation 
  • Defense to Opposition, Invalidation, Cancellation 
  • Administrative Appeal and Administrative Litigation 
  • Registration of Assignment 
  • Registration of License 
  • Registration of Right of Marks as a Pledge 
  • Application for Re-issuance of Certificates of Marks and Recordation for Change of Registered Particulars 
  • Application for Issuance of English Version Certificate 
  • Application for Reviewing and Copying of Official Files 
  • Recordal of Trademark Registration with Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance
  • Patent Survey, Search and Technical Analysis. 
  • Domestic And Foreign Patent Application/Prosecution 
  • Patent Specification Drafting 
  • Patent Administrative Appeal
  • Patent Maintenance and Patent Litigation