Labor Law
Since the enactment of Taiwan's Labor Standards Act in the early 1980s, the labor laws and regulations in Taiwan have gradually developed into a complex legal system involving various labor regulations and policies such as the Settlement of Labor Dispute Law, the Protective Act for Mass Redundancy of Employees, Labor Insurance Act, Labor Pension Act and new pension scheme. The relevant regulations governing labor, pension funds and severance payment all have important implications in a company's investment planning, M&A project and the dissolution of foreign enterprises. Accordingly, for both domestic and foreign companies, labor related legal issues are a significant aspect with respect to the evaluation of the cost and viability of business activities whether in daily business operation of the company or in M&A transactions.

For four consecutive years (2005 to 2008), World Bank's annual Doing Business Report, which provides an analysis of the business and legal environment of numerous countries in the world, chose LCS as the only Local Partners For Hiring and Firing Workers in Taiwan. In addition, the Doing Business Report named our firm's attorneys Rich Lin, Margaret Huang, and Victor I-Hsiu Chang as special counsels for the ROC labor law issues. LCS has years of practical experience representing both domestic and foreign corporate clients in handling labor related issues and can provide clients with the most competent and professional legal services.


  • Legal consultation regarding relevant laws governing labor dispute, pension funds and severance pay;
  • Litigation and settlement negotiation in connection with labor disputes
  • Draft and review labor contracts
  • Legal consultation regarding working conditions
  • Communicate with and apply for administrative interpretation from the competent authority
  • Represent clients in complicated labor issues involved in M&A
  • Negotiate labor contracts, including the execution and termination of management employment contracts