Litigation & Arbitration
LCS's litigators maintain a high level of professional quality and service attitude and specialize in various types of disputes, including but not limited to violations of the securities laws, the Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Act, intellectual property laws, tax laws, construction laws, the Company Law and the Criminal Law and the Civil Law. We also represent clients in proxy fights, management disputes, joint venture disputes, large-scale construction and IP disputes, family law matters, and other civil and criminal litigations and arbitrations. In addition, our litigators have hands-on experiences in handling transnational litigations. We are frequently working with attorneys in the other jurisdictions regarding our clients' overseas disputes.

Our litigators also have ample experience in handling reorganizations, liquidations and bankruptcy in Taiwan and overseas (such as Lehman's bankruptcy matter), obtaining emergent injunctions and handling all legal issues relevant to creditor's rights and debts.

Mr. Hu Tan is the head of our litigation practice. He was former justice of the Court of Appeals in Taiwan and has extensive experiences in both criminal and civil litigations.


  • Domestic and International arbitration and litigation
  • Litigation concerning Securities and Exchange Act and Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Act
  • Civil and criminal litigation
  • Various preservation dispositions
  • Bankruptcy, settlement and reorganization application
  • Grand Judge interpretation application