Real Estate & Hotel Management
LCS has represented many domestic and overseas institutional investors in complex real estate transactions, including the purchase, sale, leasing, trust and joint construction development project of large industrial, commercial and residential properties. In addition, we have been the leading counsel in several large-scale public auctions of commercial buildings and hotels. LCS is the leading Taiwanese law firm in terms of both the number of commercial real estate transactions represented and the transaction volume.

Our full spectrum of legal services in the real estate practice includes consultation of legal issues and dispute settlement in connection with the management, operation, renovating and leasing of acquired properties. Further, LCS has extended our experience in commercial property transactions into the area of securitization of real estate. For more information, please visit our webpage on LCS' "Securitization" practice.


  • Provide legal advice for the investment, purchase, sale, trust and leasing of commercial, industrial and residential properties
  • Conduct legal due diligence on target property
  • Structure joint construction development projects
  • Provide legal counsel with respect to relevant laws governing real estate transactions and taxation
  • Advise clients on the public auction of real estate
  • Provide legal advice to project financing and the establishment of liens and mortgages
  • Structure real estate trusts and custodial arrangements
  • Draft and review relevant agreements and contracts, including purchasing agreement, joint construction agreement, lease agreement, trust agreement, custodial agreement and bidding documents
  • Handle dispute settlement and litigation
  • Communicate with and provide explanation to the competent authorities on behalf of clients