The business of entertainment often involves unique legal issues. LCS provides a full range of services directed towards entertainment industry transactions such as negotiating, drafting, and review of art agreements, license agreements, performance related agreements and agency agreements, applying for government approval and permission, applying for foreign workers' permits, drafting and review of contractor agreements, and insurance contracts relating to entertainment business. LCS has acted as counsel obtained government approval, and negotiated contracts for numerous world-class artists in Taiwan. Those performances include the concerts of Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma and Luciano Pavarotti. In addition, LCS provides legal advice to foreign companies on compliance and other related legal issues for setting up carnivals and circus events in Taiwan. As Taiwanese performers become more popular in China and other countries, LCS also provides integrated services for such overseas performance, including the performance contracts with the local theaters, agreements with performers, sponsor arrangements, etc.


  • Assist in performance planning, government approval and license application
  • Assist in evaluating the environmental impact of an entertainment and/or art performance
  • Provide legal advice regarding the laws and regulations governing foreign workers in Taiwan, including adult and child workers for the entertainment performance
  • Apply and arrange for performance facilities, including safety and maintenance procedures and consultation on relevant contracts and legal issues
  • Provide legal advice regarding the site location selection, zoning regulations and other related restrictions
  • Draft and negotiate agency, entertainment and art performance contracts
  • Provide regulatory and compliance consultation regarding casino business